You MUST make Your Stand

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The first thing that we all have to acknowledge is that we live in evil days; dangerous times that the human race has never known. We live in a world where most human beings refuse to accept the things that are good and worthy of being cherished, but instead people praise only those things that do not conflict with their own personal desires and interests. Self-preservation, self-centeredness and selfishness has consumed most people in the world; and to make an understatement, WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE AND WE NEED HELP, before it is too late.

It does not matter who you are or where you are, the troubles that are on the way to humanity will affect you; whether you live in a densely populated city, or on the most isolated portion of land on the face of planet earth, the troubles that are bearing down of humanity will touch you. Something is very wrong in the world of man; something evil that we cannot see or touch has gripped the hearts of people and it has cleverly turned humanity against itself; something that we cannot control is dragging mankind along a dangerous road; and it makes no difference whether we believe it or not, the fate of mankind hangs dangerously in the balance.

Mankind has to deal with only one thing; how it answers the question "What shall we do?" However, choices have consequences, and how mankind responds to this question in our time is of great importance.

We live in an age where the majority of people on earth do not care about doing what is right, an age where doing the right thing is not popular, but instead most people do the things that will help them to succeed and obtain favour; and the very few people who dare to stand up for what is right are mocked and looked upon as outcasts.

Mankind's challenge is simple, stand up for what is right, stand up for the truth, and deal with world issues like the individual, corporate and national self-centred self-preservation behaviour which has complete disregard for people. And, a major problem in democratic societies is the national pacifying of immoral people in the name of political correctness; yet it is the anti-human behaviour of these individuals that is destroying the building blocks and the moral fibre that holds the society together.

Without respect for a fellow human being, compassion for the poor and needy, and the upholding of the law of the land in the face of opposition, a society will eventually crumble. It may not look that bad right now, but then neither does an apple seed look like a tree when it is planted. The human race has to stand up for the truth or it can sit back and watch as the world falls into chaos.

Even though many people will say "I am not selfish or greedy, and I do not whine when things don't go my way", the truth is that these issues will affect all of us; and unless these bad attitudes are stamped out of a society it will spread like cancer and eventually destroy EVERYTHING that is linked to it.

The few remaining decent human beings in positions of authority have to face up to their responsibilities, otherwise the people who do not care about truth will plunge humanity into darkness without remedy; and it has already begun.

The entire human race is more interconnected than we ever realised and we are at a time in human history that has never been known to mankind; a time when the choices that we make are so very important, because the consequences that will follow are going to reverberate and ripple throughout the entire earth.

We all have a part to play; it is not the government's job to fix everything. We all need to examine ourselves as individuals, and then make the necessary changes that will help us to become better human beings. And perhaps the question that we should be asking is "What should I do?" instead of "What shall we do?"

The truth is that there is truth, whether we like it or not, and it is right before our very eyes; we just need to want it. Because, if the evil that has consumed and perverted the world of man is not truth, then what is truth?